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10" Ball Pein, Machinist, Jewlers Type Hammer Handle American Hickory Item # BT17210

10.5" Ball Pein Type Hammer Handle. Eye size 5/8" x  5/16" BT. Comes with one wood & metal Wedge. American Hickory. Made in the USA.  Use drop down list for one other size. (10" x 11/16" x 1/2" TT)

Customer Reviews

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William Welch
Finally Found Right Handle

Many years ago, my Dad gave me some hammers he used while a machinist in the 1950s. I’ve used them for decades. About 15 years ago the handle on a small ball peen hammer he’d given me finally snapped. I’d been looking for a replacement since then. One day I decided to give it another try on the internet and found the Beaver-Tooth site. Just received it and it fit perfectly. Looks good and solid. Revived a 70 year old hammer. Thanks.

Jeff Kirschensteine
Good handle

This handle fit well to an old body Hammer head I have where the original handle broke. A little trimming was needed to get it to fit but once in it fit perfectly. It looks like it was meant to fit there.
The handle was made really well and came with one wood and one metal wedge.

Mark Dooley
Best hammer handles I've used in a long time

The hammer handles were smooth and cut with the grain of the wood. Worth the wait...

John C. Ravier

Nice straight grains and close enough to the forged eye sizes to whittle the remainder with a rasp and sanding. I finished my handles with a few cats of Linseed Oil.

Richard Ross
Good Quality

Quality of the handle is as expected- clear, straight grain and a smooth finish. This firm is obviously a very small business, so it takes a while to receive your order. The company is very”up front” about their rather protracted lead time for shipment, which is to their credit. If you have time to wait a while and want to support a small U.S.-based business, this firm is for you, but if you need a handle quickly for a project or a repair, you’d be better off working with another supplier.