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12" Octagon Pattern Claw Hammer Handle American Hickory

12" Beaver Tooth Octagon Claw Hammer Handle. American Hickory. Comes with one Wood & Metal Wedge. Made in USA. Generally made for 7oz. claw heads or other small hammers.

Customer Reviews

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new handle for pop old hammer

easy install great balance real nice handle

John Traczynski
The octagon handles

The octagon handles are excellent. One of those great old ideas that has all but disappeared. I've always found it less fatiguing over the long haul. Somehow the octagon shape is easier to grip, Wish some of the modern hammers would try that shape.
But I wish there was more material left on the head. There is a lot of variation in the eyes of old hammers. And unfortunately mine is a bit larger than the octagon handle so I'm going to have to do some creative wedging.

I would recommend two perpendicular wood cross wedges. Cut slots for them. I would put them in first then you have to score them to put in the large wood wedge.

Brett Tickle
Great handle

The octagonal handle is great. Gave life to an old hammer I had lying around. It’s now my favorite. Thanks!

Joe Schueler
Well satisfied

The octagon handles were just what I was looking for.

terry pultz

They were just what i wanted and beautiful.