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Beaver Tooth 48" TimberJack / Cant Hook Made in USA.

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Beaver Tooth 48" TimberJack. This timber jack is used to lift logs off the ground so you can cut them without damaging your saw blade. Can also be used as cant hook to move logs and the "jack" bar can be removed if not needed. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Jason M Shuler

Very well made and heavy duty. Took a while to get, but arrived well packaged.

Michael Landers
48 inch. Timber Jack

Very well made Cant Hook. The Timber Jack attachment is a little too long. Are different lengths available? I think it would be easier to lift the log up if the length was shorter. I thought of cutting it shorter, however there may be situations where the longer length would have an advantage. Please let me know if other lengths are available and the price.
Very heavy duty tool.
Thank You

In the Timber Jack it is a 42' handle.