Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

12" Claw, Tack, Chipping Hammer Handle Ivory

12" Claw / Rip / Tack etc. Hickory Hammer Handle 12" long for 7oz. hammers or anything else that will fit. Eye approx. 3/4" x 3/8" One wood & metal wedge included.  Made in USA!

Customer Reviews

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W Till
Very Very Old Tack Hammer Lives Again

I had this old tack hammer that I had found years ago buried under a shed. The eye size has eluded me for years. It hasn't had a handle for at least the last fifty years. I took a shot on this one thinking "just maybe" and Voilà!; it fit perfectly. Nice straight grain, excellent handle. Shipping time was plenty fast enough for me given the circumstances, just like the late country comedian Jerry Clower said, "What's time to a hog."

Fendol Chiles

Hammer handles are hard to come by at reasonable prices. Other than six weeks for delivery they are adequate for my use.

Nailed it

Good quality, price and size.

Richard Mitchell
Great handle, perfect size.

Great handle! Repaired my dads tack hammer. It's about 65 years old. Like new now.

Jim Rhem
Right on the money.

The handle was exactly as described and just what I needed. My hammer is restored.