Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Twisted Hiking / Walking / Stick / Cane made from TN. Hardwoods

Beaver Tooth Striped Hiker Made from Tennessee Hardwoods. 

Length is approx. give or take a few inches. Pick from Long 54" or Short 38" in the drop down box. Made from Hickory, Oaks, Ash, Cherry, Popular, or maple. Usually made from Hickory. Lacquer dipped for a nice durable finish. 

Customer Reviews

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great stick

Well made. The hickory has a great heft to it. Sturdy

One badass walking stick

This is not a carbon fiber or aluminum sissy stick that skinny jean wearing phone jockeys dance up hills with. These are beautiful and strong and will last generations if cared for a little. You can give a firm attitude adjustment to four and two legged vermin if need be too with no worries. You can not go wrong with one of these made in America by a family owned business walking sticks. Yea you may scare the people in a Starbucks but that’s kinda fun too.

twisted walking sticks

I received the walking sticks and am very pleased with the quality. I bought them primarily to use at an area that is very rugged. We walk from level ground down to a rocky beach, it can be very challenging terrain and I'm sure the sticks will give us more confidence as we enjoy nature.

Awesome stick!

Nice and solid with a gorgeous design. Feels great in the hand and the length is perfect. Made a fantastic gift, should have bought two!