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Lot of 24 Wholesale Hammer Handles Assorted Sizes & Types Hickory

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Wholesale Lot of 24 Hickory Hammer Handles. Factory Overruns, Seconds, etc. Some do have defects. Assorted sizes from about 10" to 20" long. Most will be about 16"~18". Some may have wedges but most or all will not. Free Shipping to the USA. Colors and types vary.

Customer Reviews

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Francis Buroker
Great Value

Did not think there would be so many handles that had practical use, I have some thing that fits about every thing .
Great value and you always have a replacement handle ready .

Newton Stevens
24 Pack of Handles

The handles were exactly as described. The shipping rates were fairly priced. When our Boy Scouts use these up, we'll be ordering more. This was a refreshing change from some other companies that I have ordered from.

William Leshe
Wholesale lot 24 assorted hickory hammer handles

I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived. Excellent quality and great variety. I restore vintage hammers for blacksmiths and others in my area and found this lot very useful. Didn’t find a crooked handle or one that was unusable. I think this is a great value for the customer.

24 great handles

10 large oval eye, 7 medium oval eye, two large octagonal with a rectangular, one small octagonal to accommodate a rectangular head, a small oval, Proto, round, and a California framer handle. Some a little bent, some have a little darker wood grain, some might have been exposed to a little moisture and need a light sanding, but all have a nice grain direction. Random for sure, but great handles as always.

Anthony Urry
Bulk hammer handle purchase

I bought the bundle of 24 “seconds”. Excellent handles. I am planning to modify them to suit the hammers I make, so the fact they are seconds has is not an issue. The wood is great and small inclusions of bark here and there only add character.