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Lot of 24 Wholesale Hammer Handles Assorted Sizes & Types Hickory

Wholesale Lot of 24 Hickory Hammer Handles. Factory Overruns, Seconds, etc. Some do have defects. Assorted sizes from about 10" to 20" long. Most will be about 16"~18". Some may have wedges but most or all will not. Free Shipping to the USA. Colors and types vary.

Customer Reviews

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Wholesale lot 24 assorted hickory hammer handles

I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived. Excellent quality and great variety. I restore vintage hammers for blacksmiths and others in my area and found this lot very useful. Didn’t find a crooked handle or one that was unusable. I think this is a great value for the customer.

24 great handles

10 large oval eye, 7 medium oval eye, two large octagonal with a rectangular, one small octagonal to accommodate a rectangular head, a small oval, Proto, round, and a California framer handle. Some a little bent, some have a little darker wood grain, some might have been exposed to a little moisture and need a light sanding, but all have a nice grain direction. Random for sure, but great handles as always.

Bulk hammer handle purchase

I bought the bundle of 24 “seconds”. Excellent handles. I am planning to modify them to suit the hammers I make, so the fact they are seconds has is not an issue. The wood is great and small inclusions of bark here and there only add character.

Lot of hammer handles

I missed ordering this lot a few months back but ordered it when it became available. Very happy with the purchase. However, one handle is cracked and unusable but I knew that these are seconds, so no big deal.
Excellent value and a heck of a deal!

good product good company what more can one ask for

excellent product ,quick service above the norm , good to deal with