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Skidmore's Natural Leather Conditioning Cream 6oz. Free Ship

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Skidmore's Leather Care Cream. 6oz. Container. Made with natural oils & beeswax. No animal products, driers, or silicones. Use on leather to clean and condition dry and dirty leather. Also can be used to restore wood finishes. It will darken leather and wood a bit. We will include a picture of sheath in its natural state as we ship and then one on the right with Skidmore's Cream on it. We also have a smaller 1oz. Container. Both have Free Shipping!

  • Cleans & allows the fibers to breathe.
  • Tanning oils & natural oils are replenished.
  • Makes leather soft and supple yet resistant to moisture.
  • Made from plants, trees, & beeswax.
  • Inedible, Keep Out of Reach of Children

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good protection

It creates a nice layer of protection on leather. Spreads easily. Fantastic, natural smell (beeswax?). Also cleaned some streaks on one piece of leather. I do wish the creme darkened new leather more. It does darken a few shades.

Excellent product

Skidmore's quickly and easily restores old leather items and produces very good results on newer items. I used it on a 50+ year old leather shovel carrier and the results were amazing.

Skidmore's seems to work well on almost any smooth finish leather item.

Excellent leather conditioner cream for leather

Easy to apply. Works well.