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28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe Handle. American Hickory

28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe or Cedar Axe Handle. Smaller eye than full size DB handle. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! Note: Pick Eye Size Etc. From Drop Down List

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Bender
A perfect handle

I just had to fit it to the eye and the rest was perfect as it was, just like the original vintage handle!

Wesley France
Just What I Wanted

Great quality handle with really good grain. I decided to sand it down a little thinner for personal preference but was great as is. Minor adjustments to ensure a good fit in the axe, but overall its just what I wanted.


A bit thick but it’s easy enough to remove extra wood to reduce to preferred size. Excellent grain orientation. Very happy with this.

Cheryl Van Epps
Happy Return Customer

Purchased a solid hickory wood handle for my second (found rusting away in a flower bed) maul head. Looks great, grain is on a diagonal so I'll take care not to bash where it might blowout at the shoulder. The last hickory handle I bought from Beaver Tooth has vertical grain and is holding up really nicely as I'm splitting 22" oak rounds. Hoping the same goes for this second maul.

Bill Leibnitz

It took about 3 weeks but it was received exactly what was ordered. I have it hung on my Norlund Trailblazer and I'm ready to put it to use.