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36" Coal Miners Pick Handle New USA Hickory Drift Pick Drive on Eye

36" Coal Miners Pick Handle Drift Pick Drive on Eye 2-1/2" x 3/4" This handle is for old time coal picks. This style is drive on like a regular axe handle with wood and steel wedge. Mixed Color Hickory. Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Frank Becker
Strong Handle

Required some sanding to fit the old head.

Christopher Skelton
Worked fine

I have a tough to fit small pick head and have been looking for years to find something. I wish the end had been slightly larger but head is seated fine for now and and hope it lasts. I still give it a 5-star because it seems well made and was reasonably priced.

It works!

My husband was able to make a minor adaptation since the handle was just a bit short, although wide enough. Considering we have been looking for a handle, unsuccessfully, for over six years until we found this one, he is very satisfied with the handle. Thank you for the ease of ordering and the follow-up.

Mojave Ted
Great handle

HEY! this fits perfect. Brought what is like a 80 year old pick axe head I found out in the Mojave Desert back to life. I use the pick axe for digging out boulders that are in the dirt roads.

Steve Surber
Well Made Handles

Well made handles. The only reason for 4 stars is it wasn't quite long enough for the eye of my coal pick, but I worked it down to make it fit properly. Beaver-Tooth handles are great, and I will continue buying from them like I have in the past!