Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

36" Garden Pick / Mattock Cutter Handle Smaller #7 Eye Hickory USA

American Hickory #7 eye Pick Handle. 36" long eye: 2-5/8" x 1-1/2". Hard to find size with smaller eye. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Evans
Wood working man

Great craftsmanship.
These handles fit good. Thanks for sending my handle.

We sent you a AAW top grade handle. I am sure you have it by now.

William Morgan
High quality products

The handles I ordered are very high quality and fit well

Matt Maxon
Beautiful handle high grade wood

The handle has excellent wood and workmanship is unsurpassed. The shipping on the other hand is painfully slow. We use these for pick mattocks for woman who work on our volunteer trail crew

Finally found the Right one

Took a while to determine the correct handle for my size Maddock. It fits like sausage in its casing. A little JB Weld applied to the upper and lower seams to fill in the irregularities of this very old head for a finished look.

Kyle Hardin
Exactly what I needed

My dad had the head of an old mattock that has been in our family for a while and asked me to find a replacement handle. The mattock eye was smaller than the others I own so I had trouble finding a handle that provided the eye dimensions that the handle would fit. I found the beaver-tooth website and it gave all of the details I needed to know the handle was correct for the size eye on my mattock. After some sanding and fitting to match the shape of the inside of the eye, the mattock looks great. Really great piece of wood.