Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

48" Beaver Tooth Hollowback Shovel Handle

48" Hollowback (has shoulder) style shovel handle. American White Ash. Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Lars Woolsey

nice handles fit nice and nice finish

Robert Voss
One minor complaint but a good solid handle

I had to take some time with a fine saw and rasp followed by coarse sandpaper to get the handle to fit in the socket. This is to be expected. My concern is that the strongest part of the wood grain wasn’t aligned well with the socket; potentially making it weaker under use. Overall a heavy duty and longer handle.

Steve Surber
Great Handles

Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. make great tool handles. I can't remember how many handles I've ordered from them and have always been pleased. The only thing I wish they would do is stop putting lacquer finish on them. I scrape the finish off and put a few coats of boiled linseed oil on them, that's the best finish I've found for tool handles. Other than that, they're the best handle producers in my book!

Robin S
Really impressive quality

A round point and a square point shovel - I used these as a kid with my Dad 50 years ago. I was not going to give them up just because a handle broke and another was close - replace with a Husky from HD? - no way. Searched high and low and found this resource.

When these arrived I mounted my belt sander in my vise, cleared space and started measuring. No need. There was nothing to do! Although these were not curved quite as much as my old handle, I realized they would bend under tension as they inserted themselves into the throat of the shovel.

Perfect graining also. Very good quality timber. I sanded off whatever finish they put on the handle (wax?) and applied boiled linseed oil for seven days. You should too.

Tumble Wax finish is standard on our Shovel handles in #1 grade.

Donald Lauer
American hickory

Don’t have a long work history experience on my two 48” hickory shovel handles.But just knowing they are American grown hickory gives me confidence.I was well aware that shipping might take the three weeks that it did.