Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

48" Post Hole Digger Handles Square Bottom USA Made

48" Post Hole Digger Handles with Square Bottom at point of attachment 1-3/8" x 1-3/8". Sold by the Pair (2 handles) Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Javier Manrique
Great handle

Quality post hole digger handle. Same price for 2 handles as for most other companies 1 handle. Thanks for making it.

B. Sanders II
48" Post Hole Digger Handles Square Bottom USA Made

What can I say, these are 48" Post Hole Digger Handles Square Bottom USA Made. I have a square post hole digger and wanted square handles. Most new diggers have round handles. I didn't want to put a round handle in a square hole (digger). ;-) Good size, good fit, good finish, very nice straight and knot free, GOOD WOOD! Same price here for a set of handles as the price for one handle most other places. With shipping it still came out a little less for the pair of handles here then the price for a "set" most other places. MADE IN USA BY AMERICANS! Worth every penny! MAGA.

Straight knot free handles

I have a old post hole digger that the old handles broke, I ordered a pair of the 48" handles from Beaver-Tooth handle co. The Beaver Tooth handles are straight as a arrow, no knots, beautiful, I am very pleased with the Beaver Tooth handles, I think they will out last me, thanks for the great handles.

Very Nice!

The post hole digger handles are well made and fit my old digger. I would buy them again.

very nice

the handles are very nice straight and knot free . the handles i am replacing are over 60 years old and i have no doubt these will last just as long! thank you