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36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle American Hickory

36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & Metal Wedge. Select grade from the drop down list. Made in the USA. We have some #2 grade as well that are good user handles if you do not want something that is perfect or collector grade. These have usable knots and other blem that keep from them from making the #1 grade.

Customer Reviews

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The man
Great handle

Can’t ask for better quality at a great price the order does take a little while to receive but it is definitely worth the wait

john esola
x 36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle

perfect fit on a old maul

Donald Meng
Maul handle

Very good quality handle. Happy with purchase

Dexter Lefavour
Maul handle experience

I have a teenager splitting my firewood, so I cant get enough moual handles. I love the Beaver Tooth products. Always worth the wait for exceptional quality rather than a quick run to hardware store for low quality handles.

Oklahoma Oldtimer
Best handles made

At age 75, I've been cutting and splitting my own firewood for 63 years ... about two cords per year. I started out with a crosscut saw, my granddad, and a seven-pound splitting maul. The crosscut and old Pa are gone, but I'm still splitting with that maul, and trimming out with a DB axe. No power splitters on this place, and never will be. These hickory handles are just outstanding .... prime wood ... so beautiful I almost want to frame my new handles as a wall decoration. But, I gotta keep working them! Thanks to the Cumberland Mountain guys who make and ship these out. Keep up the good work, boys!