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Adze Handle Carpenter, Ship, Rail Road. Item # 3236

36" American Hickory or Oak Adze Handle. Eye size approx. 2-1/8" x 1-1/4" Item #3236 Made in USA! If the eye size is correct this can fit several styles of adze heads. Stock Photo. Can always be worked down to fit smaller size.

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Perfect product, great fit. Definitely worth the wait on the shipping, will definitely order again, which I already did. This is a hard to find product made easy.

Pleasantly surprised

If you’ve come to this site you likely have been frustrated with mass produced tool handles with no consideration given to grain orientation, poor quality stock, etc. or a product that’s not readily commercially available. Look no further. I’ve never reviewed anything in my life but felt compelled to do so here. The adze handle I received exceeded expectations in every way and is priced fair (how often does that happen?) Happy to give a fellow Tennesseean business and will certainly be a repeat customer.

Nice quality and finish

I haven’t had a chance to install it yet. But it looks like a perfect fit. The quality and finish of the hickory is top notch. I would definitely recommend and buy again.

Excellent quality adze handle

The grain orientation was perfect and there was enough wood left so that it could be fitted to the eye of the adze. The double bit axe handle on the same order, I am not so happy with. The part which fits into the eye of the axe needed to be a bit wider to fit the axe I had intended it for, so I will hang a different axe head on it. I would prefer my axe handle not feel like a club, so I will reduce its cross section a little. Good piece of wood, though.

Sorry you had trouble. Please note the DB axe handle eye size is given for your reference before you make a purchase. Please check your tool sizes.

Great fit

Plenty of meat to trim for a snug and removable adze fit. Was able to get both my adze heads with different size eyes to fit perfectly with this handle. Decent length, didn’t trim any length off.


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