Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Anatomy of a Handle

Eye: Cross section size given when looking at the very end of the handle.

Wedge Slot / Kurf Cut: Slot cut in end of the handle to allow the driving of wood wedge to expand and wedge the handle in place. (steel wedge can be put in at a 45 or 90 degrees to the wood wedge).

Length: Total Length of Handle as we ship it. You will likely cut a little off the top once fitted to your tool.

Shoulder: Swell in handle just below the eye section that the head normally will seat down on. Keeps head from slipping down handle shaft. 

Shaft: part of handle that is normally held in hand.

End knob or swell: Enlarged part of handle just before end that helps form a positive grip so your hand will not come off.


Attachment types:

Drive on handles generally take a wood wedge and head is driven on handle from the eye end.

Slip on eye handles generally do not take a wood wedge (no slot cut, no wedge included). The tool is dropped down over the hand grip end of the handle and seated into place by a compression friction fit. i.e. a rail road pick / mattock cutter. Adze etc. 

Installation instructions


Lengths given are the total length of the uninstalled handle as shipped.

White Hickory is: Sapwood.

Red / Brown Hickory is: Heart wood.

US Forest Service tests have shown no difference in strength between the two colors of hickory wood.

Our Wood Wedges are made from Tulip Poplar

Wax finish is a light coating of wax applied by tumbling handles in large barrel with wax.

Plain Sanded is just that. A handle that has been finish sanded, but no wax, lacquer or anything applied.

Lacquer finish is just that. It will give a handle some weather resistance.

Fire Hickory / Fire hardened Hickory has been Flame Charred just enough  to lightly burn the surface of the wood.

Non-Slip Grip. Usually a textured Paint that will allow for better grip. Can be hard on bare skin.




Covid has caused a lot of disruptions in the supply chain of handles in every area as well as price volatility in the market. So if you can wait 30+ days or more great. If you need it now well you still have to wait. We are doing our best, but we are waiting much longer for materials, products, shipping etc. You can now buy gift cards for folks stuck at home needing a project! Also check out our USA made carpenter pencils.


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