Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

We offer the following grades that apply to axe handles 20" and over. We grade our handles to a higher standard. than most and do not just make up grades to sound good. We hand select every handle we sell & sheath too for that matter. You can be assured you are getting the grade you pay for. Grades can be found in the drop down box in most listings. 

Select, will have the best straightest grain. AAW ALL white hickory, or All Red. Our select grade Handles are not mixed red & white like others call select. You are getting a superior handle the very best made!

Better, will have decent grain 45 degree or better  White or mixed color wood. These are superior to any hardware store handles. 

Good, #2 handle fully serviceable and not sorted for any grain direction. Any color hickory. Small blemishes in wood allowed. 

Surplus. These have defects.


Priced accordingly. You get what you pay for is very true. Handles other than 20" + axe handles follow the same grades, but are not quite as strict in some cases.