Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Welcome to the Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. We offer premium grade American Hickory Striking Tool Replacement Handles in standard and hard to find sizes. We also carry a large selection Top Quality Full Grain Leather Axe Sheaths / Guards, and a Full Line of Wood and Metal Wedges for Handle Attachment. We also have have Vintage Restored Axes from time to time.

Our passion is fine quality axe and hammer handles and of course antique and vintage axes, hammers, cross cut saws, and other old tools!

Beaver-Tooth Handles are made from American Hickory right here in the USA. There is ever increasing demand for American grown Hickory in China, India, and other foreign countries. Help us keep our American Jobs and Hickory all here in the USA!  All of our other products including sheaths and wedges are made in the USA.

We are located in the heart of the hickory belt between the Cumberland plateau and Appalachian mountains in the Tennessee Valley. We do not have a retail store for local pickup at this time.