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28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe Handle. American Hickory Item # 1628

28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe or Cedar Axe Handle. Smaller eye than full size DB handle. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! Note: Pick Eye Size Etc. From Drop Down List. Larger eye size is about 1/2" shorter.

Customer Reviews

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AWESOME Cruiser Handle

What a great handle. Grain was near perfect. Finish was near done. Fit was so close...saved me lots of time.
Just can't get a better handle at this price anywhere. I have looked around. Prefer to salvage original handle when possible. But that was not happening with this TRUE TEMPER by KELLY WORKS, PAUL BUNYAN cruiser. Not this time anyway. I love the way this handle finished out. I used Old English furniture polish for dark wood to get the grain to pop. Then my standard Boiled Hemp Oil treatment. I made my own Oak wedge.
Thanks for a great product. I shall return.

Better are great

Have only purchased the mid grade and I’m very satisfied with the fit and finish.

Worth the wait

Kurf cut splintered the head but was still able to use it. Not the best I have received from Beaver Tooth

Whoa, that must have been one soft head. I am not 100% sure of your issue but sounds like you got a solution. Great.
Timber Cruisers DB Hickory Handle, 28"

A beautiful handle, with plenty of material to thin the shoulder and or accentuate the swell.
The grain alignment is good at 22° or less.

A great haft that I am looking forward to hanging my Plumb Cruiser Head on.
Pictured is just a dry slip of the head on the tongue.
Excellent! I can't wait to steel the time I need to marry these two beauties.

Thanks again and I will be ordering for future personal projects.


Great handle

This handle was the perfect choice for my project. Then I screwed up the hang. Now I have to order another one. Maybe I will get it right next time.

I hope so Brother better luck this next time!