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21"Broad Axe / Hatchet Handle Flat Eye Style American Hickory

21" Broad Axe Handle. Offset Flat Eye Style to Save you time fitting. Eye size 2-1/4" x 11/16". Comes with one Wood Wedge. . Plain finish sanded Hickory to allow for custom color finish types. Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Warren Niederhut
Best Ever

I'm really impressed. My broad axe was hand forged by my grandad so did not have a standard socket to fit. I shaved it down a bit and the heft and feel of the finished axe is outstanding. Thank you for providing such excellent craftsmanship.

Donald Eaton
Great Handle

I bought an antique broad axe head (hewing) and I was looking for a quality handle. This was easy to install and I finished it with Tru oil to keep the natural look and seal it from moisture damage. I expect this will last a very long time. Thank you.

Beaver tooth handle

These are the best handles I have personally seen. They are great Hickory handles.

Broad Axe Handle

Great quality handle, ordering and delivery process is first class, just wish they'd cut wedge slots in the handles.

Matt Mason
Hewing axe handle

Very high quality handle, no varnish that needs to be striped off before use/finishing. Grain orientation was near perfect, although handle did not come with a kerf cut in it.

We do not cut a wedge slot on the broad axe handles as they could take a bit of fitting work and the slot may not be in the right location. We feel it best to let you do the fitting work then decide the best location for the slot if you want one.