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48" Cant Hook, Timber Jack Handle Made in USA

48" Beaver Tooth Cant Hook Handle.  2-1/4" Dia.  Work great for most cant hooks, peaveys(No hole),  or timber jacks. Made in USA.  Stock Photo.

Customer Reviews

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"Santa" Rob W
48" Cant Hook Replacement Handle

Already installed on a Cant Hook that was minus a handle. I'm going to need to order more for some Cant Hooks that have cracked handles. My only "complaint" is I would like one a little longer as I am 6' 4" tall and like longer handles so I don't have to stoop as much. Otherwise I am happier than a pig in slop with this handle!

Brad Griffeth
Cant hook handle diameter to small

The handle is beautifully made and was what I expected. The problem was on my end,I didn't realize that m
y head was bigger than the handle I bought. I shimmed with some white oak to fill in the gaps. Works like a charm now.

norman glass
new handle for old cant hook

I restored a cant hook for a friend the old handle was cracked the new one worked out perfect............thank you

Brian Bretall
Cant Hook Handles

Perfect for replacing old handles

Trevor Weston
Nice looking handle

Took a while to get, did a couple coats of tongue oil to seal it then went to install it and then hit the brakes. Does not fit my made in Oshkosh Wi can’t hook, fortunately to thick so I can sand it to fit, a little extra work but it’ll be good. I would purchase again.

Yes, we do not ship overnight as listed. Yes, very likely that your cant hook handle will need fitting work. There were several makers and this is just a generic handle that is hoping to fit the majority with some work.