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36" Double Bit Axe Handle White Hickory Item # 1536

Superior quality all white hickory sap wood with a smooth wax finish(not clumpy & sticky) These are some of the finest handles you will ever use. Go ahead and get a few, we think you will love them. We do! These handles fit full size(several weights generally from 3 to 5 lbs.) Double bit axes with elliptical shaped eye. 36" long with 2-15/8" x 5/8" eye. Each handle comes with one wood & metal wedge for a secure attachment to your axe head. This handle and all our fine handles are grown and made in the USA. Help keep American Strong and buy American! Item# 1536 meaning a 36" long handle in the straight double bit pattern. Some other grades and finishes are in the drop down box at the top. 

  • 36" Total Length. 2-5/8" x 5/8" Cross Section Of Elliptical Eye.
  • Wood & Steel Wedges Included
  • Straight Handle with DB eye profile (item# 1536)
  • Wax or Plain Sanded Finish (drop down box)
  • White (sapwood) American Hickory. (other grades in drop down box)
  • Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Super Awesomeness Handles

Just got My first Handles From Y’all.....Super Great Service And Products..
Very Pleased and will be Buying from Y’all Again...Thanks

More bang for your buck

I purchased this handle because I couldn't find anything locally that passed the quality check I was after. I received the handle and promptly inspected it for flaws and defects. None were found and the grain orientation was almost perfect. Having used hardware store handles in the past, I was totally thrilled that I waited for this to arrive, cheaper and better quality. Five stars folks, you won't be disappointed.

Great grain, excellent fit!!

I purchased several double and single bit handles. The grain on all of them was perfect. Fitting them took very little time. They feel great and finish very nice. I will not look anywhere else for handles. I’ve already ordered more, never know when a vintage axe is going to come my way!!

One I purchased was a 30” for a single bit to hang a jersey patten head as a wedge banger. Man did it fit great and feels very balanced and solid when I’m banging away! Can’t say enough good things about these handles.

Very Good

Handle was very good and required little fitting. would recommend beaver tooth.

Great product

These handles are exceptional. Already planning on getting another.