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Double Bit Axe Sheath Top Grain Leather 3.5 + lbs. Full size

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Double Bit Axe Sheath Top Grain Leather 3.5 + lbs. Fits Most Full Size / Standard Double Bit Axes. Also have them with D-Ring, select option from the drop down box.

  • Inside Dimensions 10-1/8" x 4-5/8"
  • Heavy weight top grain leather with nylon stitching and rivet reinforcement.
  • Made in USA!
  • Free Shipping!

Customer Reviews

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Double Bit Axe Sheath

This is a very well made leather axe sheath. I am very pleased with the quality and fit of the sheath.

Linda Seitz
Leather Art

This double bit axe sheath is exactly what we were looking for to protect my husband’s antique axe handed down from his grandfather. The piece is made of top quality materials and fits perfectly. It is well worth the money paid.

Michael Schmitt
Top Quality -- Fits Perfect !!

This leather sheath is excellent quality. It fits my 3.5 pound Michigan double blade axe perfectly. To make the leather more flexible, I treated it twice with Obenauf's leather treatment, which darkens the leather. Doing this made it easier to fit the sheath onto the axe. Thanks so much for a top quality product that is made is the USA!


Good size for a medium or large axe! The shipping to Canada is a killer though, total is almost $65 with the exchange rate, shipping and taxes.

Christian Samuelsen
Beautiful finish, tight rivets!

Well well well…. I just love it when something shows up while we were out of town! I pulled the sheath out of the package and tried it out on the Collins double-bit! It a bit stiff but hey, it’s fresh so no surprise there. The natural colour was a bit off-putting for a visiting friend but that’s fine with me as I’m going to boil up some bark, probably maple because we have lots around here, and make a stain. Obviously I’ll treat the leather with some SnoSeal, wax or something after to make it more water resistant. The size is more than large enough for my 9.5” wide axe and I imagine that there’s enough room for a 10.5”. The height is what 6” total and dwarfs my 4.25” head height so there is a fair bit of room in there. The haft space is generous and there is a decent grip once the head is set into it. The snaps are significant and despite no place to hang off of a belt, I fully intend to modify the sheath for a pair of 2.25” belt holes to keep the axe inverted on my back while getting to the cut. Otherwise, nice kit!!