Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Single Bit Leather Axe Sheath Standard Size Axe 3lb.+

Top Grain Leather Axe Sheath for Standard Single Bit Axes


  • Fits Most Standard Single Bit Axes with blade not over 4-1/2" & 7-3/4" long. Most will be 3lbs. plus.

  • Heavy weight top grain leather with nylon stitching and rivet reinforcement.

  • Made in the USA


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    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent, high quality sheath, but pink?

    It arrived very well made. I love the Beaver Tooth branding on it too. The one thing that was weird was that the leather was pink. However, I remedied this by staining it, which was actually a good thing because I could choose the color and it became a fun little project. Would definitely purchase again.

    Sheaths are natural veg. tan leather. Color varies some from lot to lot. I call it tan, but I guess you could call it pinkish. Anyway, pretty common leather for these type of items. But true most folks see leather that is dyed or colored already. Yes, these can be readily dyed.
    Leather single bit axe shesth

    Nice sheath fit well

    Nicely Done!

    This is a great compliment to my assortment of edged tools. It is well made and should serve me well for many years. It is a little short along the cutting edge for the axe I use it for. I will grind away some of the corner of the axe to improve the fit.

    Single Bit Leather Axe Sheath Standard Size Axe 3lb.+

    These are nice, well-made, sturdy sheaths at a pretty good price. They always need a little oil but break in great.

    Another great experience

    I had several axe and hatchet covers from a prior order, but I got "talked" out of several of them at hunting camp and had to replenish my supply. Great quality and service.