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36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle American Hickory Item # 5636

36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & Metal Wedge. Select grade from the drop down list. Made in the USA. We have some #2 grade as well that are good user handles if you do not want something that is perfect or collector grade. These have usable knots and other blem that keep from them from making the #1 grade.

Customer Reviews

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maul handle

Received the maul handle along with several other handles that I had ordered. Straight and knot free, twice the quality of what the hardware store had. Back in business with an 8lb "Mad in USA" maul.

Best in the Biz

I believe this is my 4th order from Beaver Tooth and once again my order was filled perfectly, all four handles were exactly what I expected and excellent quality! One of these four was a Splitting Maul handle and with just minor shaping it fit perfectly. I did have to sand the wax finish off, so that raw linseed oil could be applied. Also, the handle I replaced had been fitted with two large, round wedges, which I think these handles should be supplied with, instead of the straight, step wedges. All in all, my opinion remains that Beaver Tooth is the best in the business. Well done!

Sweet handles

Nice handles! You keep cranking 'em out. If I don't improve my swing with that 8 pound splitting maul, I'll be ordering a few more. :-)

Nice Maul Handle

The handle I received was the nicest hand crafted white hickory I've ever purchased. I did have to fit the handle to the maul but that is a given on most axes/mauls I've ever hung. You won't be disappointed!

Good handle

After using it for about a week, I am quite satisfied with the handle. Excellent quality. It fit the 8 lb. maul head perfectly, without any need for trimming. It feels good in my hands.