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36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle American Hickory Item # 5636

36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Eye Splitting Maul Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & Metal Wedge. Select grade from the drop down list. Made in the USA. We have some #2 grade as well that are good user handles if you do not want something that is perfect or collector grade. These have usable knots and other blem that keep from them from making the #1 grade.

Customer Reviews

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Good handle

I bought the #2 grade and thought the grain and design was very well done. The only reason for 4 stars is there was no mention of the handle being varnished in the description. I was hoping for a bare wood handle to finish myself. It took a little extra effort to scrape the varnish. But all in all this was a very well done handle.

Most of our handles in this Model are wax finish, some of the #2 grade are lacquered.

Perfect fit slid right in no fitting necessary back to work with it in minutes

Outstanding Work

Truly superior work, exactly as I expected it to be. I will be ordering again!

Great Quality Handle

I ordered the #2 grade handle, but it looked knot and blemish-free to me. I fitted for the old maul head quite easily without having to shave down the handle at all. It fit quite snug and tight and should serve me for many years to come. I do plan to strip off the wax finish and coat the handle in tung oil. I use Milk Paint Company's 50:50 tung oil:citrus solvent blend.

Thanks, Beaver Tooth for this excellent quality handle. I will certainly order again the next time I need a replacement handle!


maul handle

Received the maul handle along with several other handles that I had ordered. Straight and knot free, twice the quality of what the hardware store had. Back in business with an 8lb "Mad in USA" maul.