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Double Bit Eye Woodchoppers Splitting Maul Handle USA Hickory Item # 5236

Double Bit Axe Eye White Hickory Maul Handle 36" long. Eye 2" x 3/4". Wood & Metal Wedge included. Waxed finish. Made in USA.

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Great handle

I have an old maul that I have never gotten to use. I found this site while looking for an ax handle glad I ordered both worked great with just a little sanding.

Maul handle

Another fine product from Beaver Tooth the finish is excellent and the fit was right on. Thanks

Very nice piece of wood

I needed a new haft for a vintage Pulaski I've cleaned up for use around the property. I had heard good things and decided on Beaver Tooth for my purchase. I will say that the haft that was shipped to me was one of the cleanest grain white softwood hafts I had ever seen. I was so impressed I ordered 2 more handles for my felling axe and splitting maul.

My only complaint is I am spoiled by Amazon and two day shipping. Shipping from this seller seems to take close to a month to where I live in OH. That being said, If you don't need a new handle today, the quality is (subjectively) worth the wait.

Yes, I can not ship as fast as amazon. They have thousands of folks working for them. I am one guy. So huge difference. Also on amazon you just get what you get. You don't have anyone that knows anything about what they are shipping.
Nice To Have A Source

Looked high an low locally for a handle for a splitting maul I've had for nearly 20 years. This one fit perfectly, and the finish is lovely: smoothly sanded, and without the polyurethane sealant that makes many other handles slippery once the hands get a bit sweaty. I look forward to shopping here again!

Wood Choppers Maul

Awesome handles! Worked for exactly what we needed them for!