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Boy Scout Hatchet / Camp Axe Handle American Hickory Item # 10115

Boy Scout Style Hickory Hatchet Handle. 15" long. Eye Size is 1-1/2" x 1/2". Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! 

 Large eye handle Has flat sides on knob and eye of approx. 1-3/4" x 9/16".

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Robert Olavarria

Great quality product.

Timothy Watkins
Excellent quality

The handle is skillfully made and will look great on my son’s Boy Scout hatchet. Thanks for making great products!

Richard Young
15" Boy Scout/ Camp Axe handle only 14.25"

I looked everywhere for an exact 15"-long handle to match my old Camp Axe handle that rotted and found one listed on It took about a month to get it and is just over 14" long, a common length I could've gotten at a local hardware store, which would have been cheaper too. The extra large head was a good fit for my axe head though, so I'm not's a nice lacquered hickory handle.

Our shipping times are listed so you know what to expect. Only the standard eye handle is 15' the large eye is 14'.

Richard G. Koefod
Wonderful for a re-build

Re-birth of an old Hatchet--Thanks to Beaver-Tooth
As a kid, I found an old hatchet, presumably used by N.W. Bell in construction. That was about 70 years ago. I recently found the hatchet in my garage, bespattered with paint, rusty and with an old deteriorating handle. Removing the old handle, cleaning and resharpening the head was the easy part. The hard part was finding a good handle and a sheath. After many hours of research, I found Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. I found a replacement handle using their measurements for the eye and also found what I believed would be a good sheath. The measurements in the web site helped trememdously. As I never replaced a hatchet head before, I followed Beaver-Tooth's instructions, and even got on line help to assure I was fitting things properly. The end product is a re-born hatchet with a beatuful handle firmly installed and encased in a sheath that seems tailor made for this old head. While it took a while to receive the items, it was well worth the wait and Beaver-Tooth's responsive support along with their excellent products have made this old guy very happy. My daughter will now have a nice little hatchet for her camping. Thanks, Beaver-Tooth.

Mark Thieroff
Great product

I used this to rehang my great grandfather’s hatchet and it worked great! Super durable feel and very well made.


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