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27" D-Grip Sharp Shooter / Drain Spade Shovels Replacement Handle USA

30" D-Grip Tile Shovel Replacement Handle. Sharp Shooter. Made from Ash in the USA. Metal Hardware. Fits 14" & 16" Shovels. Listing is for Handle only.

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great -looking handles

Haven't put them on yet but they look sturdy and perfect. (And made in the USA)

So far so good

I do wish it came with the appropriate rivots. Or at least, what to look for at the hardware store. I did not want to use screws, or nut and bolt, but found something out hope will last. A little info sheet about what I should and should not put in the wood to make it last would be helpful. I like fixing instead of replacing.

We list what is included with each item. As for the items you mentioned all will work about the same it just comes down to how you want it look.
great products!

I guess I'm old school because I hate to throw anything away when it is still usable. So, I am replacing several broken handles and the products from Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. are excellent...maybe better that the original.

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A Real Pleasure To Deal With This Seller Makes Outstanding Handles It The 3rd One I Bought, Perfect Fit On All Three Of Them (Axe, Maul & Shovel) And Very Happy With Them 5 Stars All The Way

Excellent handle!

Got this handle to rebuild my Dad's old 1967 Tru Temper coal shovel that I have used since I was a teenager. Lots of sentimental value there. Handle was outstanding! The curve of the neck fit my old shovel's socket perfectly. The woodgrain was oriented just right. It was exactly what I needed to rebuild the old shovel. Over the years carpenter bees had eaten into the old shovels handle hollowing it out. Couldn't use it for snow and ice removal anymore. I was very happy that Beaver Tooth offered this up for sale. I know my local hardware shops don't carry anything like this!