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28" Miners / Straight / Single Bit Axe Handle American Hickory Item # BT11228

28" Straight Hickory Miners Single Bit Axe Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA. 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Trower
Great re-handle for dedicated splitting axe

Re-handle for my dedicated splitting axe. Splitting garden poles for trellis and firewood. Great handle.

Greg Woller
Great Product

This company never lets me down great handles great price.

David Lewis
8" Miners / Straight / Single Bit Axe Handle

Very happy with the quality of the axe handle, and the price. I have been looking for a source for GOOD handles for several years--good straight handles are hard to find.

I was so pleased that within a couple of days of receiving this one, I ordered more handles for some other restorations of old axes!!

Low Country rancher

Perfect fit and finish!

Legit Handle From A Legit Company

I love it. Even made a YouTube video about it. This handle is perfect for banging wedges. It allows you to swing at them one handed, its the perfect length. I have other axes that are just too heavy and too long to bang wedges with but this one I bought specifically for this task. Looks great being a straight handle, it's exactly what I was looking for.

I mean, I even use it for splitting firewood. I'm pretty tall, lanky arms, so swinging a 36 inch handle only leads to me bashing the handle due to me underestimating my reach.I don't make mistakes with this one.