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30" Single Bit Bent Grip French Favorite Pattern American Hickory

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Beaver Tooth French Favorite 30" long with full fawns foot and 2-1/4" x 3/4" Tear drop eye shape. Comes with one wood & steel wedge.  Plain sanded. You can put your own finish on it. Make in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful handle that looks great!

After a two month wait I received my BTH, when I opened the box it was packaged very well and wasn’t just floating around the box. My first impressions where great, the grain orientation was perfect and it felt great. My 3.7 pound head hung very nicely and easy and it swing’s fantastic and feels great! Really can’t say enough to quantify the quality of BTH!!!! Will buy more for sure! The wait is so worth it!!!

Chris Wright
30" single Bit Bent Grip

This handle is perfect. High quality. I was restoring my Grandfathers axe, I'm 64 yrs old.
This handle was almost an exact fit for what I was looking for. Now I can proudly use this axe and continue using what my grandfather used 80 * years ago.

Thank you for such a High quality product.

Cheryl Van Epps
new at axes

I came here because I'm new to axes and have been following Buckin' Billy Ray on Youtube to learn more. He recommended Beaver Tooth axe handles saying you can't go wrong and from the looks of this handle I'm thinking the same: nearly vertical hickory wood grain with zero blow outs, great feel in my hands, kerf cut just fine, wedges look good... Looking at its shoulder, it may end up an inch shorter (29") once I mount the head but I'm a 5'6" woman so that'd be just fine. Will replace the old handle on my chopping axe that has a significant split through its shoulder. I'm going to follow closely how the masters make a perfect fit for the head (barely curling the shoulder wood all around the head) probably an easy job seeing how well cut and tapered it is. Thank you so much!

David Nassivera

Was quit surprised with these seconds.
Any fitting and finishing cleaned up what made these seconds.
Will definitely buy more . Fore the price you can't go wrong.
Thanks beavertooth for another great product.
Cheers, Dave N

Theo Mercier
French style handle

I really am amazed with the quality of the handle I purchased. Everything about it is wonderful, function, looks and more. However, a slight Change could be done to the grain orientation since mine was perpendicular to the handle. That being said it is still a wonderfull product.

On a few left over items grain is what it is. When you have five there si not much to pick from.