Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

60" Wheelbarrow Handles New Pair USA Replacement Large

One New Pair (two handles) 60" X 2" x 1-11/16". Comes with a pair of wood wedges for the box as well.  Replaces most common wheelbarrow handles or brick cart handles. Made from White Ash in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

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need to match

I bought 2pr of wheel barrow handles thus 4 individual handles. 3 handles were the same lengths and the 4th was 1.5" shorter. I love the quality and heft of the handles and have installed the first pair -- a matching set. The unmatched set will go on my 2d wheelbarrow in the next several months. I give 5star rating to product quality and 3star rating to quality control. When I need products you supply, I will purchase from you because of your quality.
T.S. Eschholz, Jr. C.C.S.
President, Fitness Crafters
Rockville, MD

Hello, Sorry the short was sent you by mistake. I would just cut the other one to match it.
Best deal for strong wheelbarrow handles with wedges

Wish I could have picked them up locale the shipping was the hardest to take. Handles worked out great.

Yes, if you were closer you could just stop by and we could fix you up.
Great Handles

Had to modify handles and wedges but I knew that beforehand. My old barrow (30+ yrs) looks good with new handles

Best wheelbarrow handles ever

None of the wheelbarrow handles I could purchase locally even came close to these handles. I tried big box stores and small hardware stores. In addition, none of the handles specified what kind of wood beyond "hardwood." Finally someone suggested hickory was the wood I needed. I'm rebuilding a 1950's era Sears Craftsman Contractor's wheelbarrow and I was concerned about getting the right handles. These handles matched the originals exactly. Moreover, Beavertooth supplied the all-important hickory wedges which other charge for separately. In case you are in a hurry, however, these handles took about two weeks to arrive so plan ahead. If I need other handles for other tools I own, I would contact Beaver Tooth immediately. They have every handle you would need.

Great Product, great price, Fast shipping, I'm happy as a clam!! The quality is great

I couldn't be happier other than to have them put them on for me. I will be back for some axe handles later. They even sent new wedges for the box for the same price many only offered the handles for. The handles are of superior quality of anything I found in the box stores when I could find them.