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10" Ball Pein, Machinist, Jewlers Type Hammer Handle American Hickory

10.5" Ball Pein Type Hammer Handle. Eye size 5/8" x  5/16" BT. Comes with one wood & metal Wedge. American Hickory. Made in the USA.  Use drop down list for one other size. (10" x 11/16" x 1/2" TT)

Customer Reviews

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L. Clifton Carroll
Eighty Year Old Ball Pein Hammer

This little handle was a perfect fit for a four once ball pein head that was my father's. I played with it as a child and was probably the one who broke the handle. It took very little shaving and fit perfectly, I did not have to use a wedge at all, I stoped short in case it did split, if it needs it later I can put it in. It's a solid handle, well formed and of good grained hickory. Thanks for helping me restore my Dad's eighty year old hammer!

Dirck Tipple
Cool handle

Cool handle - however it split when I drove the metal wedge in. No fault of Beaver Tooth - but this is a delicate handle for a very small hammer.

That is sometimes curse of a steel wedge. Should last a long time anyway.

Robert Bosworth
Perfect fit

Really nice, straight-grained wood that is a perfect fit for a ball-pein hammer head I picked up a while ago.

Gary Williams

Great fit! Very happy, great company with the largest selection of handles.

William Welch
Finally Found Right Handle

Many years ago, my Dad gave me some hammers he used while a machinist in the 1950s. I’ve used them for decades. About 15 years ago the handle on a small ball peen hammer he’d given me finally snapped. I’d been looking for a replacement since then. One day I decided to give it another try on the internet and found the Beaver-Tooth site. Just received it and it fit perfectly. Looks good and solid. Revived a 70 year old hammer. Thanks.