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14" Octagon Pattern Claw Hammer Handle American Hickory Item # x7114

14" Octagon Claw Hammer Handle. American Hickory. Comes with one Wood & Metal Wedge. Made in USA.

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Claw hammer handle

Initially I ordered the 12” handle, but that was way too small. I then ordered the 14” handle. I was a bit disappointed as the new handle was really loose in the head. I inquired about a tighter fitting handle but none more tight were available. I went ahead and fit the handle. I had to set the handle very low on the neck, trying to get as much handle meat into the head as possible. However, even then, as you can see, after driving the wedge as far as possible, the handle did not fully fill the hole. I have yet to seriously use the hammer since being repaired, so time will tell on its durability.

We offered some suggestions on using wood cross wedges in addition to the metal wedge for this customer. We list the size of the handle so it is up to the customer to decide if it will be a good fit.

Perfect fit to my 40 year old Craftsman hammer. Love the octagonal grip.

Great replacement

This was a great replacement for a 100+ year old hammer! The octagonal grip was the same as the one I replaced back in the 60s. This hammer is a working heirloom in a 4th generation of southern carpenters and I couldn't have been more pleased with the handle. Now to spend some time and smooth out the handle with sweat and use to get that beautiful hickory patina.