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15, Round Steel Safety Wedges for Axe / Blacksmith Hammer / Sledge & Mauls

15 Round Metal Safety Wedges for Axe, Blacksmith Hammers, Sledges, Ball Pein, and Claw Hammers.

Five wedges of each size, large, medium, and small. Free shipping!!! Made in USA

1. Small. Dia. at top of wedge 15/32" and it is 1/2" long.

2. Medium. Dia. at top of wedge is 9/16" and it is 21/32" long.

3. Large. Dia. at top of wedge is 3/4" and it is 3/4" long.
Free Shipping!

Customer Reviews

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Greg K.
Good Quality US made product.

Made in the USA. Worked very well. Two different double-bit axes so far.

Murray Christianson

The miner's hatchet handle that you sent to me is a work of art in Appalachian Hickory; beautiful, straight grain, perfect fit for an odd-sized eye - just great! Thank you.

Cliff Hyman

Could not find wedges in local hardware store so when I got home i searched and found this website. The multiple sizes will come in handy in the future. Happy so far.

Gordon Delfs
Super Handle Wedges

These round handle wedges work great.

david Derheimer
Was looking for hard wood wedges

Disappointed you sent poplar wedges,they are too soft and shrink even when glued

Tulip Poplar wedges are the industry standard wood wedge for striking tool installation. Tulip poplar is a hardwood, but it is not the hardest of hardwoods. It works well for wedging because it compresses some and is easier to shape for fitting purposes. All handles we sell that need a wedge come with a poplar wedge. Perhaps you didn't notice, but we also have hickory and black walnut wedges if someone is looking for something different than the standard.