Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

16" Blacksmith / Ball Pein Hammer Handle Flat Eye Style Hickory New Machinist BRC #3 eye

New American Hickory 16-3/8"  Ball Pein / Blacksmith Hammer Handle / Engineers / Small Sledge. Eye size of 1-1/16" x 9/16" Flat eye #3 type. You will find this much easier to fit in a lot of the old almost rectangular blacksmith head eyes. Wood & Metal Wedges included free!
Some have minor blems, good usable handles. Made in USA Stock Photo

Customer Reviews

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Ed Trujillo
Nice piece of wood

The handle I received was a nice looking piece of wood with straight grain. The finish left a little to be desired but a quick pass with 0000 steel wool smoothed it right out. Also the fit was just about perfect.

Bill cofield
Professional restoration and sharpening

Handles were nicely finished and grain was straight
There was nothing more to ask for
See finished photo below
Bill"s Sharpening Service. These were done for a customer

Cleaveland Mountaineering
Great handle

I bought this handle to fit a cross pein head I bought from an antique shop, measured the hammer, found the right handle, and it fit perfectly, had to thump the handle on through with no modifications, it was so tight I could hardly get the wood wedge in at all, and couldn't get the metal wedge in at all. Very easy install, great quality wood, great value, should last a long time. Will be used primarily for hobbyist blacksmithing. Thanks!

Michael McLeod
New Handle for Old Sledge Hammer

I bought this handle for a small (3 or 4 pounds) sledge hammer that gets lots of use. I suspect this hammer is maybe 75 years old, and I finally broke the handle. I ordered this handle of the same length as the old one, and with a hammer end fitting as close as I could get the the hammer eye size. The handle fits perfectly, and it will suffice. I am a little disappointed in the actual size of the handle - it is smaller than the original. I have large hands, and I like a large handle. This one will do, but is smaller than I like. This characteristic is hard to express in a short catalog description. By the way, I find the eye size information in your catalog listing to be invaluable - keep up the good work!

Rex Baughman
New life for old hammers

Love the handles I reciev from Beaver Tooth. I am a blacksmith and male my own hammers and had a few older ones that needed new handles. Never can find the right size in the local hardware stores and don't have time to make my own. Found Bever Tooth online and ordered 8 replacement handles. These are GOOD strong handlers and I could not be more pleased with the price,quality and fast service. Definitely will orde handles for all my tools from them in the future.