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18" G.I. Pick Handle American Hickory

18" G.I. Pick Handle not to be confused with the smaller eye Army Picks (Check other listing for those). Eye size 2-3/4" x 1-3/4". American Hickory Made in the USA!

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Nice wood

This was my first order from Beaver- so I did not know what to expect. It took a while for me to receive the product, longer than I had hoped. When the product arrived, I was delighted to see that it was a quality piece of wood with nice tight grain and the fit was almost perfect. All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will order more handles as needed.

Joe old pick

Could not find a 18" gi pick handle anywhere! Not only did I find it here@ Beaver Tooth Handle Co , it's cool looking and the wood grain pops after a little boiled linseed oil. thanks Bever Tooth Handle Co,

18" G.I. Pick Handle American Hickory

I received my 18" G.I. Pick Handle American Hickory and I went and purchased a Nicholson 8 in. Woodcraft Half-Round Rasp and took to cutting down the handle. It went easy and fast and measured for fit as I went along and with a little over 1 hour I had finished and I was able to snuggly add my pick axe head marked 1943 US DIAMOND CALK and I added a little paint so as not to lose it in the garden dirt.

Not just a handle

Perfect fit for a very, very old small digging tool. This is not just a handle, it is a work of art. Thanks for making this available.

18" G.I. Pick Handle

Handle was well formed and had a nice finish on it. Unfortunately, due to the significant taper in the pick's formed eye, I had to spend a considerable amount of time using a rasp and sandpaper to get the pick head to fit properly at the end of the handle. In the process I lost both the nice finish and uniform factory contour on the head end of the handle. When I purchased the handle, I bought the one that had the closest eye size to the pick head's large eye but the significant taper between the small (lower) eye and the large (upper) eye of the pick head required a great deal of fitment work to enable the head to slide up the full length of the handle.

Yes, depending on your tool hand shaping is required. I have done a good bit my self to fit my old Diamond Caulk and Plumb Army Picks.