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18" Curved Grip (Ax) California Framing Hammer Handle. New Hickory Replacement Handle with wedges

18" Curved Grip California Framing Hammer Handle. Eye size 1-7/16" x 11/16". New Hickory Replacement Handle with one wood & two steel wedges.  Made in USA.  Will fit most California type framing hammer heads. . This handle is not meant for axes, only Cali. Framing hammers.

Customer Reviews

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David H Small

Great handle.
Perfect fit for my Hart framer.

Arizona Bob
They just don't make them like this anymore....except here.

Put this handle on an original Hart Framing hammer I have had since the 70's.

Fit like it was made for it.

Grain is oriented exactly the right direction and the handle feels fantastic.

Worth every penny and way superior to the oriental junk out there.

Literally took me 5 min. to install....

Kendall Lease
Can’t beat the price better then junk on amazon

Really like the length grain direction was perfect. Only complaint is coating was little slippery. Easy fix, sand down, burn in with torch. I usually shape handle to fit my hands better. Fit the hart 21 oz. head perfect.

Thanks Beaver-tooth!

Carson Jacobs
Great Handle, Great Price

Stumbled across an old 21 oz USA made Cali framer hammer head, this handle took minimal sanding to get to fit. Beautiful handle, couldn't be more pleased.

Christopher Shafer

Good fit on my Hart Trimmer