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19" Axe Handle for House / Boys / Hudson Bay Type Axes American Hickory

19" American Hickory Handle. Very popular handle for several different sizes of large hatchet or small axe heads. Makes a very pack-able axe and yet is long enough for two handed chopping if need be. This handle fits many of the following common head styles House Axe, Boys Axe, and Hudson Bay(Norlund, Collins, Council, TT, Snow & Nealley) Style Axes. Eye size 1-7/8" x 5/8". Wood (2-1/4" long) & Metal Wedge included free with all handles. Pick grade and finish from drop down box. Plain sanded is 18.5" x  2" x  5/8". Made in USA!


Axe brands listed for reference only.

Customer Reviews

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Wesley Peters
Great Product

This is the only place I could find a handle for my Keen Kutter axe head. It fit perfectly. Good looking handle. Seems quite strong. Price is very reasonable.

Jose Alcantara
Nice n Thick

This handle will definitely fill your hands and take the abuse. Just oil it up and put it to work!

Greg Birdsong
Great Handle

This and all handles I have purchased from Beaver Tooth have been top notch. well balanced, sized perfect, sanded and finished handle ready for the Axe, or Hammer head to be put on. Great Value, reasonable shipping time. I will always buy from Beaver Tooth.

Scott Darrah
Nice Handle, Except....

The handle I ordered was one of the better grades. It has perfect grain with a really well done finish. The problem is it's huge! While it has graceful lines, it's about as thick as a fencepost, and seems too large for comfort in my XXL hands. I haven't yet hung the Hudson Bay head I purchased this for, but this handle is going to look awkward with it; I'll probably end up thinning it down first. Some of my favorite hammers, axes and hatchets have Beaver Tooth handles. I have zero issue with the quality of this product, it's just very bulky.

Our plain sanded one is much thinner

Mike Hansen
Very nice axe handle

I put this handle on a smaller hatchet head. I want it to take on trail maintenance backpack trips where it is used mainly to drive plastic wedges to keep a saw kerf open when crosscutting logs from the wilderness trails. It is very well turned and the wood grain is straight, which is often not the case in regular hardware store handles. It feels good in my hand and is about 4" longer than the original hatchet handle which allows me to drive the wedges better, and also to chop out wood beside the kerf if I get a saw blade pinched! This lighter hatchet is not as fast to chop or drive with as a heavier axe head, but it is much easier to carry for miles on a backpack!