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19" Axe Handle for House / Boys / Hudson Bay Type Axes American Hickory Item # 10219

19" American Hickory Handle. Very popular handle for several different sizes of large hatchet or small axe heads. Makes a very pack-able axe and yet is long enough for two handed chopping if need be. This handle fits many of the following common head styles House Axe, Boys Axe, and Hudson Bay(Norlund, Collins, Council, TT, Snow & Nealley) Style Axes. Eye size 1-7/8" x 5/8". Wood (2-1/4" long) & Metal Wedge included free with all handles. Pick grade and finish from drop down box. Plain sanded is 18.5" long. Made in USA!


Axe brands listed for reference only.

Customer Reviews

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Quality and reasonable price

This product was exactly as advertised and precisely what I was looking for to repair a vintage True Temper Tomahawk. It is impossible to find quality replacement handles let alone size selections at a general hardware store. The product description with essential measurements was critical and much appreciated. I will definitely return for my next purchases.

Awesome handle

Received the handle and put it on the axe head and it fits perfectly the quality of the craftsmanship is nearly flawless it's almost to the point that it's so pretty I don't even want to use it

Craftsman ax head on new handle

So i did it, i hung my first ax head. Admittedly i could have done a better job, but overall not bad.

The handle is excellent! I highly recommend this. It has great texture and the beautifully aligned grain! I'll be trying a double bit next.


Installed in an old Snow & Nealey hudson style hatchet. As expected, took a bit of fitting, however ended in a snug mounting. By far the best selection of handles I have found. Very good shape, consistent with traditional handles. Very good finish. Very satisfied, I have another handle on order from these guys right now.

19" Hatchet Handle

Only place you can find an exceptional 19" axe handle, IMO it's the best size for camping, hiking and hunting. As always the wood is clear with fantastic grain orientation. They come bulky in hand and I reckon it's so you can customize to suit your needs. I modeled mine after my favorite handle design by Gransfors Bruks. 10/10 would recommend Beaver Tooth Handles to anyone and have many times.

Thank you. Glad to hear you know how to do a few mods to get just what you need. We wish more folks had your mind set.