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20" Single Bit Miners Axe Handle American Hickory

20" Single Bit Miners Straight Axe Handle. Eye Size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Plain Sanded. American Hickory Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Carson Jacobs
One of my favorite handle shapes

Threw this straight 20" handle on a USA made hudson bay head. Jumped into my top 3 most used/ favorite axes. Small enough to throw on a pack or in a kayak, but still can pack a punch.

James Mehlamn
Checked handle

The handle I got had good grain orientation and no runout but had severe checking. Some of the cracks ran the whole length of the handle. It should swell back up with oil and not be noticeable when I’m done but definitely not what I was expecting when I ordered the handle.

This time of year is bad for checking as the inside dry warm air is going to dry handles too fast and they will check. Also though you purchased the surplus grade with defects and checking is one of those defects. We listed that so there would hopefully not be any surprises.

Matthew Lacroix
Bog old crack

The axe handle has a big crack on it. All the way down the side. Totally sucks.

You purchased the lowest surplus grade and cracks and checks are part of it. Please read the grades page before you buy.

Michael Cassidy
A good little handle

The handle is a good solid hickory handle, good shape to it. It fit the socket with minimal effort and once in place had a good solid fit. Thanks for another great handle.

Reid Smith
Perfect for camp choppers!

Hung a vintage 3lb Collins Michigan on this and it's just plain fun to use! Beautiful wood, grain, and feel. Great workmanship. I recommend if you are looking to hang a nice, heavy camp chopper!