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24" Beaver Tooth Hudson Bay / Boys Axe Handle

24" American Hickory Boys / Hudson Bay Axe Handles.  Overall sizes 24" x 2" x 5/8", Council, Snow & Nealley, Ames True Temper). Also fits some boys axes or large hatchets. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA!



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Customer Reviews

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Great selection

They had what I was looking for and shipped in a timely manner. The handle fit well and I was able to recondition my old camp axe.

24" Hudson Bay Boys Axe Handle

An awesome product. I’m very pleased with the quality of the handle. It fit perfectly to an old (“experienced”) axe head. I flamed the handle slightly before sealing with boiled linseed oil to bring out a little of the grain. A photo is attached. Just to confirm my satisfaction with Beaver Tooth, I've already ordered another handle for another vintage axe head. Many thanks...


The best out there. Go for the more expensive option. Easy install. Thanks Beaver. Keep gnawing!

Christopher Bailey
Very Nice

The "Better" quality handle is perfect for my Hudson Bay axe head. No obvious blemishes. The leather sheath I purchased at the same time is of high quality, well made and fits perfectly. The lead time for receipt of the order was a bit long, but the company was open about expected delivery right from the start.

Aaron Crosby
A perfect handle for my backpack camp axe!

This was supposedly a flaw but I couldn't find one if there was one. It worked great for the old Craftsman single bit axe head that I found at a flea market. I did a burn in finish to bring out the grain and to give the bottom of the handle some character, and then finished it with linseed oil. I am really happy with this and would purchase again!