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24" Beaver Tooth Hudson Bay / Boys Axe Handle Item # 1324

24" American Hickory Boys / Hudson Bay Axe Handles.  Overall sizes 23-7/8" x 1-7/8" x 9/16".  Will fit most makes of the Hudson Bay style heads.(Collins, Norlund, Council, Snow & Nealley, Ames True Temper). Also fits some boys axes or large hatchets. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA!



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Redoing my Norlund

After a little sanding fit like a glove.


Excellent - 50's craftsman 2.5#

Great handle for Hudson Bay Axe

Great axehandle. Period. Perfect vertical grain white hickory - not like the crossgrain junk that you find in every hardware store on the planet! These are a little pricey, and I debated if I should chance it (because you never know what youre going to get on a mail order), but decided my high quality Hudson Bay axe needed a high quality handle. My handle took a while to arrive, but these guys appear to put quality first. You get what you pay for, and I couldn't be happier. Nice job Beaver-Tooth!

Glad you like your Hudson Bay Select Handle. Indeed the Select grade does cost more, but this offsets all the of expense of doing a run of handles. Each time there are a lot of lower grade handles. In any given run less than 1/4 are to good enough to be Beaver Tooth Select grade.
Scout Axe Head Replacement

Very high quality handle. Wasn't exact replacement w.r.t. axe head slot profile but the best I could find. Took quite a bit of sanding with a 1" belt sander to get a fit. Turned out fine. Probably cheaper to just buy a new axe but it had sentimental value. Still I am pleased with the handle and final product.

Good handles, even the #2s are nice

Ordered a couple of these for mounting on Plumb "national pattern" hatchet/axe heads. Needed a little sanding and adjusting, but they paired really well with the Plumbs and produced a nice hudson bay looking axe. Will be giving these away as gifts, so I wanted a nice looking handle and Beaver Tooth delivered! Even the #2s (with blemish) look great. Thanks.