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32" Double Bit American Hickory Axe Handle

32" American Hickory  Double Bit Axe Handle. Narrow Old School Pattern. Naked Hickory with only a finish sanding. You can put whatever finish you like (linseed oil etc.) Eye size approx. 2-3/4 x 3/4”. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA

We have some #2 grade without any Kurf Cut and only ruff sanded as well in drop down box. 


Customer Reviews

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Mark Cornett
Old axe new life

Order was made. Delivered in a couple of weeks. Replaced old handle in double bit axe that was given to me by my grandfather in 1990 and extensively used in Aggie Bonfires 1991-1995. Handed it down to my son. Old handle was a bit rotten. As good as new and probably 75 years old.

Darren Szulinszky

I just received my order for two thirty two inch double bit handles. First thing I'll say is how fast they got here and I live in Canada. Second thing I'll say is how beautiful the handles are. I will be ordering again from Beaver Tooth

Michael ORourke
32 inch double bit axe handle

Worth the wait!
Very pleased with the quality. Great American craftmanship. Thank you to all at Beaver tooth.

Stefan Berginz
24 and 32 double bit international buyer

As an international buyer and axe collector it is kind of hard to get a high quality hickory handle. So this is the place to bee. The sticks I get are super thin and from a very high quality. I is worth to wait the time to get this ones. The 24insh handle I ordered in a full size eye where unfortionatly sent in a cruiser size head. Get in contact with these guys and they will shipp me two full sized ones!!! How customer friendly is this!!! This is awesome guys. I mean shipping to me is a lot and I realy appreciate it. And I will for sure stay a customer. So one word to the 24 cruisers, they are of course too from a superb quality, thin as a hammerstick. So I ripped of a Collins Legitimus cruiser of its stick to fit it onto the small stick. this is a picture of it. Thanks

Thank you again for being so nice about the mix up. That cruiser looks really nice on the 24' Handle. You have some great looking axes no doubt.

Chris Wright
32" double Bit Axe handle

This handle is perfect. Absolutely zero flaws. The only sanding I had to do was the fit-up of the Axe head to the handle, which is normal.
This handle will last me forty, fifty, years, as long as I don't

Thank you Beaver Tooth for the High Quality Product