Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

32" Double Bit American Hickory Axe Handle

32" American Hickory  Double Bit Axe Handle. Narrow Old School Pattern. Naked Hickory with only a finish sanding. You can put whatever finish you like (linseed oil etc.) Eye size approx. 2-3/4 x 3/4”. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Josh Parr
Great product

I was looking for quality handles for two double bit restorations I was doing and the 5 people I had asked all recommended beavertooth and I was not disappointed. Handles were absolutely beautiful!

robert delaporte
Glad I found ‘Beavertooth’

Quality double bit axe handles’
No more crap from the hardware stores for me, I will be buying from Beaver Tooth again. These handles are straight grains, the fitting for the axe itself was just enough for me to make a perfect fit, and the overall finish of these handles are superb. I found Beaver Tooth watching a U Tube channel, I will be back. I would like to add that the service is quality, they care about their customers

Matt M
32" Double bit axe handle -Straight

Beaver Tooth is one of the few that makes a handle with a big enough eye to fit vintage heads. I thought It would take a lot of work to fit but it was close and required some trimming and paring down with a knife to be perfect. The grain was straight with no run out. All said and done, buying my next one here. Every hardware store had the same thing- bad wood with little attention to grain layout.

Daniel Owens
Awesome Quality

Everything about this handle was perfect. Very strong, dense, grain orientation, and beautiful.

John Fort

Extremely nice handle for my double bit axe head...Can't wait to get it done.