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36" Single Bit Axe Handle Bent Grip American Hickory Item # 1136

Superior quality all white hickory sap wood with a smooth wax finish(not clumpy & sticky) These are some of the finest handles you will ever use. Go ahead and get a few, we think you will love them. We do! These handles fit full size(several weights generally from 3 to 6 lbs.) single bit axes with a tear drop shaped eye. 36" long with 2-1/4" x 3/4" eye. Each handle comes with one wood & metal wedge for a secure attachement to your axe head. This handle and all our fine handles are grown and made in the USA. Help keep American Strong and buy American! Item# 1136 meaning a 36" long handle in the bent single bit pattern. Some other grades and finishes are in the drop down box at the top. 

  • 36" Total Length. 2-1/4" x 3/4" Cross Section of Tear Drop Shaped Eye.
  • Wood & Steel Wedges Included
  • Bent / Curved Single Bit Axe Profile
  • Waxed or Plain Finish (drop down list).
  • White (sapwood) American Hickory
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Different than previous orders

The handles received this round are beautiful as always. The main difference is the amount of material above the shoulder. The kerf will need to be extended an inch or two as it doesn’t extend deep enough. I still rate these as 5 star handles and I love the plain sanded option.

36" Single Bit Handle

Great hickory handle, pretty much flawless.

Good piece of Hickory

Like the title says, good piece of hickory. Ordered it with a handful of beautiful Walnut wedges. The shipping costs to Canada where steep but still worth the purchase. I’ve since ebonized the handle tuned it up and prepped to fit a very old 4 lb Jersey. Excellent products.

Shipping cost to Canada have been running very close to actual cost so long as get a a few handles. If you get a lot then the calculations will be off more and we will have to adjust your charge at time of shipping.
Really nice looking handle.

I was surprised with how little I had to shave down the handle for the axe head to fit and get it feeling nice in the hand. Grain was wonderful and even. Am looking forward to bucking trees this summer.

Great quality handle

The handle is of great quality wood. Didn't take too much work to get a great fit.