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36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Axe Handle American Hickory Item # 1236

36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Axe Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & Metal Wedge. Select grade from the drop down list. Made in the USA. Fits most standard single bit axes and splitting mauls with the tear drop shaped eye. We have some #2 grade as well that are good user handles if you do not want something that is perfect or collector grade. These have usable knots and other blem that keep from them from making the #1 grade.

Customer Reviews

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Best handles on the market.

Great handle for splitting axes and mauls. I had to do almost nothing to get my splitting axe head to fit this handle. Would definitely recommend this item to anyone.

Amazing quality

Extremely pleased with my purchase, very high quality item

Great quality handle

great handle ! Not too much wax as i like to linseed oil my handles, i especially like the round end , i just ordered another one !

Great product!

Handle is excellent for the money. Nice straight grain and axe head mounted nice and centered. Even the factory second handles I purchased were nice. One so nice I still can't figure out why it was a second!!! I will be doing business with beaver tooth handle company again for sure.

axe handle fits great on the Head

axe handle fits great on the Head


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