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36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Axe Handle American Hickory Item # 1236

36" Straight Shaft Single Bit Axe Handle. Eye size 2-1/4" x 3/4" Comes with one wood & Metal Wedge. Select grade from the drop down list. Made in the USA. Fits most standard single bit axes and splitting mauls with the tear drop shaped eye. We have some #2 grade as well that are good user handles if you do not want something that is perfect or collector grade. These have usable knots and other blem that keep from them from making the #1 grade.

Customer Reviews

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36 straight handle

Good did a littale shaving to fix my axe
Did a lot of splitting tough handle

Top notch quality

This handle is perfect!

Was just what I needed

Was looking for a quality handle with a good price point and this was exactly was I needed

No regrets

Great handles this was one of four I purchased and hung a vintage Plumb 3.5 head on it. It has great girth to customize the grip if you have smaller hands but fit this monster and I did not have to trim the top at all. The grain orientation was great and super tight I’ll be using this as a chopper and long handled wedge banger. I also used the walnut wedges and they hammered home great!
Minimal liquor to strip but that is common in handheld to prevent damage.

Sir, These handles do NOT have lacquer on them to strip. They have a tumbled wax finish that can be sanded off without much fuss to do whatever you like. I have even put linseed oil right over the wax. Looks great nice work. Beaver Tooth Team
Wrong grain orientation

It's a nice looking handle, I like that there is no lacquer or anything and it is straight. But the eye dimensions were smaller than advertised which meant for this head, it went on with minimal work and time but it was kind of a loose fit so the wedge is doing more work filling the eye than I prefer. Also the grain is running perpendicular to the bit which is not ideal but I am curious how it will hold up. Next time I will try to request proper grain orientation by email or order notes.

This handle is sold by grade levels. So it's always strange when someone buys the cheapest (lowest) grade and then think it should look the best grade.