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40" Double Bit Axe Handle / Pulaski Fire Axe/ American Hickory

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39" Double Bit Hickory Axe Handle. Eye size 2-5/8" x 5/8" comes with one wood & metal wedge.  Wax Finish. Great for Puget Sound Falling axes and Pulaski Axes so you don't have to bend over as much. Made in USA  



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Joshua Say
Best Pulaski handles

Re-handled two Pulaski’s with the 40in handles. Was a perfect fit right out of the box with damn near 90° grain orientation. My back appreciates the longer handle. Have installed these handles on 4 other Pulaski’s with great success.

Gary L
40" select double bit handle

Excellent quality, bought it for a Puget sound felling axe.

Nice handle

It is a nice handle, nothing beats a good piece of hickory. I had to do no trimming for it to fit the Puget Sound pattern axe I had, which was a pleasant surprise. Only downside was a two month span between ordering and receiving the handle, but for the fit/finish I think it's worth the wait, just something to keep in mind.

james scyrkels
Very good piece of wood - BUT......

The handle has been thinned too much to properly fill the eye of the axe. Also, the transition to the thinned part is too abrupt making it very susceptible to breaking at that point. It would be better if enough wood is left to allow for proper fitting. I DO NOT use epoxy to fit handles, but maybe I'm just too damn particular!!

The eye size is listed so you make an informed purchase. We really have had very little complaint about how these are made, but everyone has their favorite way it seems. We have never had any complaint of these breaking. There is plenty of wood to fit this normally if your tool is made for it. (there are a lot of eye sizes out there) We have never advocated that anyone use anything more than the supplied wedges.

W Till
Long Handled Mortising Chisel

This handle was for an old Puget Sound falling axe and despite it being labeled as #2 it seemed to me every bit as nice as a #1. Maybe the #1's come with a self installer, but in this case would not have been necessary because this handle was hung in less than 10 minutes. From an authenticity perspective this particular application might could have used a little more length but when hung (on what I'd describe as a 4-1/2# mortising chisel) would also have been a little more scarier. I liked it just fine.