Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

40" American Hickory Grub Hoe Handles

40" Grub Hoe Handle made from American Hickory. 40" x 2-3/4" x 2-1/8" Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Keeping the old ways alive

I recently bought an adze head and a broadhead hoe at the local swap meet, neither had handles on them.
both were good condition and I only payed 10 bucks for the pair. I am well pleased with the fit and look of
my new tools and know that the quality of Beaver-Tooth handles will allow these tools to make it another
couple of generations .

thanks Beaver- Tooth


Glenn Brouwer

Fantastic Quality, Fit and Finish!!!

After an extensive search, I finally found the Curved Grub Hoe handle that I had been looking for the past 4 or 5 years!

The product is without flaws. The finish is great! The fitment into the eye of my Grub Hoe is perfect! Couldn't ask for a better product or customer service!!!

Bud Shaw
Hillman, MI

40" American Hickory Grub Hoe Handle

Not until viewing a Wranglerstar video hosted by Cody did I come to understand that a longer handle will not adversely impact a tool's functionality. Wranglerstar's video share caused me to seek out hickory for my new handle. That in turn ended with my order from Beaver-Tooth. Their web page worked like I expected and had an honest disclaimer! I enjoy the quality of my new handle so much. It has a great gripping surface, heft, and wood density such that it reduces my lower back & hand pain. I am slowly ordering more Beaver-Tooth products to upgrade my outdoor tool selection. Thank you also for my 10% discounts.