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Adze Handle Carpenter, Ship, Rail Road. Item # 3236

36" American Hickory or Oak Adze Handle. Eye size approx. 2-1/8" x 1-1/4" Item #3236 Made in USA! If the eye size is correct this can fit several styles of adze heads. Stock Photo. Can always be worked down to fit smaller size.

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Delivered as expected and high quality

Handle was of VERY high quality, and worked great.

Adze handle

Excellent quality

adze handle

Handles are custom made so the delivery time can take up to a week which was explained up front. Quality and grain pattern were very good. Will purchase future handles from this company. Keep up the good work.

Adze Handle Carpenter, Ship, Rail Road. Item # 3236

Excellent quality. I almost overlooked the explanation for being slow to ship in the email that acknowledged the order. Once I re-read the Email I understood and was happy.

If you are seeking quality in a wooden replacement handle this is the place to shop. REMEMBER: Many items are custom milled and therefore may take as long a two weeks to ship. You will be happy when your order does arrive.

Well said Danny thanks for understanding
Broad Axe handle

I purchased a broad axe handle for a restoration and a adze handle for a future restoration, once I find one I like. The broad axe handle was exactly what I wanted allowing me to have an offset handle. I work for the National Park Service and complete hand hewing projects multiple times a year. This axe will be my first broad axe in my personal collection and it will get used for sure. I've just about completed my axe restoration, I need to tune the bit in just a little bit more. Thanks for your superior product. I'm sure I'll be ordering again!