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Axe Puck Sharpening Stone Axe Box 220 Grit Made in USA

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Sharpening Stone 220 Grit. 2-9/16" dia. x 1-5/16" thick. Has finger Grip Ring to keep fingers on the stone and off the blade! Free Ship in the USA.


Made in USA!

Customer Reviews

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Richard DeLawter
Will get things sharp

I had to try this stone out as soon as I opened it. I cleaned up the edge on my axe and a garden shovel. Very satisfied.

Diana Carraher
Christmas gift

Beautiful workmanship and a perfect fit to replace a really well used handle

Cleaveland Mountaineering
Great stone

A great stone. I like how this is purpose built for moving the stone with the axe or other blade held still. The round shape and finger groove make it convenient and safe. I've only used it once but should perform great for a long time. With a sharp file, this stone, and a strop you're good to go. Thanks!

Handy little item

I have files, large flat stones, and a belt sander for sharpening axes, hatchets, machetes, hoes, and other edged tools, but they are bulky by nature. This little stone is easy to tote and use. Gets a good edge quickly.

David Maynard
Great products and an even better customer service

I’m so grateful to have found these guys. A real gem of a company. Fantastic customer service and awesome products. I’m about to make my second order from them. Buy with confidence, you’ll be very happy!