Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Beaver Tooth 54" Pitch Fork Replacement Handle

54" Beaver Tooth Pitch Fork / Manure Fork Handle. American Ash, Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Marcus Boespflug
Great handles

First time putting wood handles in. I own a Business and have always put fiberglass handles in. They quit making fiberglass handles for pitchforks! Change right! I'm pleased with the handles, easy to put in just make sure that its lined up right! The handles them selves feel good nicely made no problems their. Getting the handles took some time. Over all I'm pleased and my customer was pleased with them too!

Dan Holtan

All of my hand tools that I need to replace handles on are beaver tooth I will not buy from Ace hardware or North 40 or any other store You should be very proud of your product it is a good quality American made tell everybody I get my handles from you I’m a lineman I build powerlines all our handtools that need new handles are beaver tooth thank you for a good American made product you boys do good workThese are only a few pictures of the handles that I’ve gotten from you

Another great product

This handle worked great to restore my great-grandfather’s pitch fork. It looks great, works great and I love using something that was his. It’s worth the wait for shipping. Get one.

Darrell Pursel
Great Pitchfork Hamdles

The handles are great! Made with very good hardwood and will last me for years. I love that they are longer handles than what I can buy locally because lots of the time I need a little more reach.

Ted Sockaci

Received the two handles and was impressed with the quality . Prices were reasonable. Pleased with the product and would buy again from the vendor if the need arises.