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Boy Scout Hatchet / Camp Axe Handle American Hickory Item # 10114

Boy Scout Style Hickory Hatchet Handle. 14" long. Eye Size is 1-1/2" x 1/2". Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! 


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Great handle

Nice Handle

I have used Link and House handles and prefer Beavertooth handles because the neck requires less trimming to fit the eye and the grain orientation is pretty good. I also like the thin belly but wish the palm swell was a little larger. At first I didn't like waiting 3 weeks but I now understand how the business works. I just order an extra handle so it will be available when I need it.

We are hoping to be in our new facility in the fall and this will help with the shipping time. The axe looks great by the way.
Thanks for a great handle!

You started with a great piece of wood. The grain flowed properly. There were no anomalies in the wood. I was glad to see the wood wedge and the metal wedge/staple taped to the neck. Here's a video of how I used the handle. :

Better than original!

I ordered replacement handles for a camp hatchet and a 4 pound sledgehammer. Both fit well, and the hickory is light but strong. I'll be back; I've got a splitting maul on its last legs!

Amazing handle

I got this to restore my dad's Boy Scout hatchet from the 1950s. The handle is amazing! It is unvarnished, so it's ready for linseed oil. I had to do a very little shaping and it was a perfect fit. I am absolutely amazed at the perfect grain orientation as well I've got a couple more old axes from my granddad that I need to restore, and I will absolutely buy them here.