Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Broad Axe Handle Offset American Hickory

36" American Hickory Broad Axe Handle Offset. Can be set up right or left hand. Eye size in DB style aprox. 3" x 1" .Made in USA!

Customer Reviews

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Richard Cooper

Great handle, I used it all yesterday. Feels great in your hand.

Very Nice Handle

The handle is well made, and the grain runs optimally through the length. My axe head I think is maybe smaller than some, so it took considerable effort to shape the handle to fit. Well done Beaver Tooth crew!

Steve Nowell
Chop Stick

Unfortunately I ordered the wrong handle for my Broad Axe Head, but it was so nice that I decided to keep it. Hopefully I can find a vintage Axe Head for it. My pre Civil War Mann Axe head requires the smaller handle which is on order. My only regret is that there is no phone call option, but I understand.

Jeanne Oldfield
The best handle ever

This is the best handle, the best wood, and the best grain orientation I have ever seen. Also, the best price!

Whoever you guys are, you know your business!

I am so thankful to have received this special handle I ordered. I hope you are in business for a very long time.

Thank you,

Greg Oldfield

Rob T
Took some whittling

The board axe is great after some whittling. The handle is fantastic. I will definitely purchase from Beaver Tooth again and I highly recommend their products.