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Broad Axe Handle Offset American Hickory

36" American Hickory Broad Axe Handle Offset. Can be set up right or left hand. Eye size in DB style aprox. 3" x 1" .Made in USA!

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Great handle, worked perfectly with my hewing axe.

The eye is too small for my axe.

The quality of wood is excellent as always, however, I took risk buying these. Broad axe eyes are flat on one side, why they make them with double bit eyes I have no idea... maybe so you can hang it right or left handed? If that's the case, they should just leave them square, we have to cut them down anyway to hang the head. I thought a 3x1 eye would be big enough to carve flat on one side, but it's not. There are large gaps on an 8-10lb head. Maybe a smaller head will fit. Make sure you measure, draw out a 3x1 eye if you have to and make sure you have enough meat to cut the flat side. Nice looking piece of wood though.

You would likely like our Flat Back Offset Broad Axe Handle.

Was exactly what I wanted. Grain orientation was spot on as well as the off set. Extremely happy with this product. I will be ordering more from this company. It did take a little bit to get it but worth the wait!!

Broad Axe Handle Offset American Hickory Review

Perfect grain orientation and offset angle. Looking forward to fitting and hanging!

Significant Warp

The handle was too badly warped through the shoulder to install the head. Maybe one of those side projects to see if it can be steamed and straightened, but I have a lot of those side projects that never get done.

Sir, Perhaps you did not realize that the broad axe handle is not warped but made with an offset to keep your hands from hitting the beam being worked.