Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

11" Hammer Handle Flat Eye For 4 & 8 Oz. Ball Pein Hammers & Soft Face Hammers

11" Beaver Tooth Hickory Hammer Handle. Flat #3 Type Eye. For 4 & 8 Oz. Ball Pein, Soft Face Hammers Etc. Eye size 3/4" x 3/8" Comes with Steel Wedge. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Downey

Absolutely the best handles

Jay Hartvigsen
met my needs beautifully

I needed a new handle for a cooper's hammer head that was my grandfather's. It 's a small hammer with a 9 inch handle and a flat eye. the 11" handle for small Ball Pein hammers was the closest I could find anywhere. The eye was good but the handle was way too big for my 8 yr old grandson and much bigger than the original. I cut off the extra length and sanded it down to match the shape and size of the original. Assembly was a piece of cake. My grandson now has a beautiful heirloom. Thanks Beaver-Tooth.

Rob Britton
Great handle

Coated the handle with Linseed Oil... Looks fantastic.

Kent Myers

Bad old hammers now look and feel great. Excellent materials. Makes me want to get some work done.

Bill Pine
Very happy

I'm a hobbyist that restores old hammers and axes and have been using Beaver-Tooth handles on every restoration and I'm very happy with their product and will continue to use them.